Ragnarok Online: Gunslinger Girl


dear F-list,


I know, I've been a terrible friend. I stopped using LJ for eight months and I didn't even bother to put up some kind of notification. I'm SO SORRY for abandoning you, guys. If you even noticed I was gone. LOL.

Now, I'm back, but I use a different journal: psychosupernova. Add me (again), if you want. I promise to be a better friend this time, unlike before. I think we all know that I was already a crappy friend long before I stopped using LJ last August. Anyway, I am so sorry again. If you don't want to add me, it's absolutely okay. It's really up to you. But I really am trying to be a better friend now. :)

And just so you know, I'm officially closing this journal. I'm not going to delete it or anything. I'm just going to hide all the past entries, except for this one. So you can cut me from your F-List already, if you haven't done that already within the past eight months.

Again, I am so sorry, dear F-List. I really hope you forgive me for being a bad friend.

Megan (madamemauvais)